Monday, 28 May 2012

xNOOSEx - STATE ICONS - MOAT - THE HARD WAY - Brighton, Saturday 16th June

Steve O'Brien's Dream presents


Saturday 16th June. Green Door Store, Brighton. 


xNoosex (Chicago, IL)

From the React Records website,

"Noose exists to give hardcore its proper execution. The Militant Vegan Straight Edge. Join or choke. Acquiesce or get the rope."

The demo by this band was raging. Reminded me of the Loud'n'Clear LP a lot but with a lot fuzzier guitar tone (hope that was intentional).

Lyrically, the above quote says it all. Vegan Straight-Edge and they stand by their culture.

Check out the demo here:
Live vid here:
Like them here:


State Icons (Brighton)

There few hardcore bands in the town at the moment. The best of the bunch for me is State Icons. They have the mid-paced, heaviness down to a tee. Then you've got Ralf up front. The man is a driven by his values and doesn't hold back on the mic. Always makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Tunes here:
Like them here:


Moat (London)

I'm a 90's Damnation A.D. kind of guy and the stuff that Moat comes out with floats absolutely takes that bleak, discordant riffing vibe and runs with it. If you like Damnation, Deadguy, Botch, Turmoil or anything therabouts, you'll most probably dig this as much as I do.

Tunes be here:


The Hard Way (Brighton)

Dusting off the cobwebs, NYHC-style.

Tunes be here:


plus 15 more bands to confirm from across the US and Europe.

Doors at 8pm and will be finished by 11pm. Should probably cost about £15 each but we're only going to charge you a fiver a head.

No dogs (except Luke Adkins' dogs).

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Update on the 1in12 Benefit Download Compilation

Well, it's been about a month since the 1 in 12 Benefit Comp went up and it's been far more succesful than I ever thought it was going to be. £300 got transferred to the 1in12's coffers recently with about another £100 to go next month. I was expecting about £50 tops for selling a compilation of mp3s. So thanks to everyone that bought it and especially those who wer super generous and bought multiple copies.

Most thanks, of course, goes to the people that did all the physical work of fixing stuff at the 1in12. Looks like the fire inspection has been passed so it's good news there.

You should definitely check out "Our Spaces Vol 1 : A Benefit for the 1 in 12" - - it's a similar idea but with an emo/post-hardcore bent musically.

Just thought I'd mention a few ideas and thoughts I had about the compilation.

- The idea of doing a benefit download compilation seems to work. People will buy it. About 200 people bought it and that was without any advertising or much of a push to get people to hear about it beyond a few facebook posts. Using the nerdy data on I can even see that people have actually been listening to it as well. So feel free to use the idea for other good causes

- It seems to be fairly cost-effective way of doing a benefit album. The only 'cost' was the google checkout fees (see below for idea on that). Usually with records/CDs most of the money goes on the making the physical product and sending it to people in the post.

- One idea I'd like to throw out there is the possibility of an independent 'ethical' online payments company. There are a few other companies out there competing with paypal andgoogle checkout but there's none that I'm aware of going for the ethical angle. With a bit of technical nouse (and an admitadly sizeable chunk of money) iot would be possible to create a paypal-esxque online payments service focused on charities & small businesses (& of course, small DIY record labels). It could take a far smaller cut & that money could be used for operating costs (including wages) rather than just making a huge profit. Obviously a load of legal hassles with getting it FSA approved etc but why should paypal/google have a monopoly on online payments and take a significant cut of each transaction?

Of course, you can still buy it if you haven't done so already :-)

Creative Commons License
1in12 Benefit Compilation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Boredom + Pettybone + State Icons - Brighton, Fri 24th Feb

BØREDØM (Austria)
Rocked out d-beat hardcore from Graz, Austria. Think His Hero Is Gone, Sabbath, Pisschrist and the Holy Mountain.
Ex- Fall of Efrafa, Plague Mass & more.

Raw, angry, intense political hardcore punk from London. Revolutionary all-girl hardcore with a tinge of riot grrrl; one of the best up-and-coming British bands of the minute.
Ex/current Hello Bastards, Hang the Bastard, Invasion & more.

Noisy, political as fuck, Brighton-based hardcore.

Plus PUNKROCK DISCO until 2am.

All a benefit for Brighton Antifascists. ( )


£4 Cowley Club Members // £5 Guests (please bring your membership card!)

(to become a member please ask for a registration form behind the bar; membership to the 12 London Road Social Club costs £1)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Pettybone/Trieste/State Icons - London, Fri 6th Jan

Friday 6th Jan
@ Shacklewell Arms, Dalston

These ladies blew us away when we put them on w/ OFF! a few months back...
Now they have a record out! 
Ya don't want to miss this!
'Punk as fuck Londoners kickstarting a new musical revolution!' - Kerrang! 2011
‘Bands this exciting come along once every blue moon’– Terrorizer July 2011
'These lasses are the ones to watch' - Metal Hammer 2011

Trieste is K A Williams (Fabric/Capricorns/Alabaster Suns), James Sherry (Done Lying Down/K-Line),Giles J Davis (Eagle Boys/Tough Troubles) and Rob Jarvis (Holy State). ....Between them they know more about the musical history of the D.C. punk scene than you do.
For fans of Lungazi!

brighton punks

LND noise merchants



Saturday, 10 December 2011

1 in 12 Benefit Download Compilation

Creative Commons License
1in12 Benefit Compilation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

All bands on this compilation own the copyright to their work and have given their consent for it to be used.

Sales/Returns Policy:

If you are in any way unhappy with your purchase we will refund you your money.

Please email and we will attempt to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Delivery information:

An email will be sent to you once your order has been confirmed with a hyperlink to the compilation you have purchased.

******IMPORTANT INFO - a few people have missed the link once they've paid. The link will appear on the page that comes up once you've completed the purchase. If anyone has had any problems getting the file then drop me an email and i'll get it sorted for you - *******

Here's a benefit download compilation of some of the finest diy hardcore/punk bands in the UK. Raging d beat, grind, doom, metal, thrash, power violence, crust, emo & just about any other style of making loud noises with guitars is represented. A lot of the stuff is exclusive to this compilation and never released before. The other stuff is solid gold hits. There's 27 bands in total so it's well worth your time.

Here's what you get:-

the title track of their LP which has been praised to the heavens by the likes of MRR and seems to be appearing on everyone's 'top ten of 2011' list. Raging d-beat. ex-Heresy etc

an unreleased song. if Swans did a 7" on Bovine it might sound like this.

a killer Crossed Out cover that's only just been recorded.

Experimental crust/black metal-influenced hardcore guaranteed to melt your face off

power violence/grindcore. fast bits & slow bits.

they used to be fast but now they're not. late Black Flag/Unsane.

unreleased song from their session in the 1in12 studios. crushing sludge/doom

prolific Brighton anarcho punks with an unreleased Crass cover

His Hero Is Hawkwind. heavy riffs. unreleased.

ugly noise rock riffs

a demo of their forthcoming 7". fast hardcore/power violence.

heavy d beats with a dose of metal in there

metallic hardcore stuff in the vein of Unbroken/Coalesce/Deadguy

sorry but this lot are impossible to describe. bunch of weirdos.

crust as hell. bullet belts and mohawks.

incredibly slow, interminably heavy and possessing an atmosphere of complete and utter despair

Holy Terror-ists and Illuminati afficionados. previously unreleased.

ex-Battle Of Wolf 359 folk in emo-violence overload

90s d beat crust punk stalwarts. this is an exclusive from a reform session a few years ago.

unreleased track from one of the best UK bands of the last decade.

another unreleased track from a session recorded at the 1in12 studios. we're in ultra fast hardcore/power violence territory here

political 90s style mosh metal hardcore. chugs and rants.

unreleased song from a very under rated band. fast and grindy/power violence but not played straight

one man drum machine queer black metal

worshipping at the alter of Amphetamine Reptile and Unsane

tearing it up like an 80s Poison Idea 7". punk rock.

more of that 90s political metallic hardcore punk thing


Sales/Returns Policy:

If you are in any way unhappy with your purchase we will refund you your money.

Please email and we will attempt to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Delivery information:

An email will be sent to you once your order has been confirmed with a hyperlink to the compilation you have purchased.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pettybone/Trieste/WitchCult/State Icons - Brighton, Sat 7th Jan

@The Green Door Store, Brighton

PUNK V HARDCORE presents an evening of awesome punk rock:

Intense political hardcore punk from London! 
Debut album, 'From Desperate Times Comes Radical Minds' out now.

Urgent, angular melodies from ex-Fabric/Capricorns/Done Lying Down dudes.

Noisy, political hardcore to the bone! If we're lucky, they might release something soon...

Awesome South Coast Powerviolence! 12" out now on Holy Roar.

Last band will be done by 10:30pm and we're just below Brighton Station.

Non-shitty art by Louisë Zergäeng coming soon...