Thursday, 14 April 2011

STATE ICONS - Live at the Cowley Club

Our friend Toby did a recording of us playing live at the Cowley Club. Our first gig with Gruel and Jovian. Bit rough as it's a live recording but gives you an idea.

DRAINLAND + VELOZ + LICH + STATE ICONS - London - Tuesday 21st June

@The Grosvenor, London
Stockwell/Brixton tube

Ireland - Southern Lord/De Graanrepubliek/Bovine records
Only UK gig this year. Unrelenting brutality. Savagery.

USA - Parade Of Spectres/Karmic Swamp/Prgnt records
hardcore eruption of metallic d-beat frenzy, blazing riffs and unadulterated furor

Kent - Parade of Spectres/React With Protest records
Ex-Battle Of Wolf 359 folks summon the spirit of HHIG/Acme/The Swarm etc. Screamo for want of a better word.

90s diy metallic hardcore punk worship. Possibly where Amphetamine Reptile and Ebullition records meet.

£5 entry
8pm doors

NO + BRUTAL REGIME + GOOD THROB + STATE ICONS - Brighton - Sunday 24th April

Sunday 24th April
@The Cowley Club, Brighton

raw political noise execution

raging hardcore punk, raw fury, aggression and speed. members of Shitty Limits & Sceptres

BRUTAL REGIMEEastbourne Hardcore - cro mags/wolfbrigade/discharge

Three broads and a chode playing moron punk

hardcore punk metal disorder destruction, anger, despair.

worship at the church of noise

£5 ‘donation’
members/guests all welcome

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sauna Youth/Atentado/Fair Ohs/Prize Pets/State Icons - Brighton - Saturday 2nd April

We (SY) are putting on a release gig in Brighton on the 2nd of April for our second 7"
It's an all-ages, mixed bill show at a real good space.
playing is -

SAUNA YOUTH - More than meats the aye
FAIR OHS - London punks playing Paul Simon & Fleetwood Mac
ATENTADO - Noisy hardcore from Barcelona (members of Destino Final)
PRIZE PETS - The Anti-Mark E Smith with his post punk party band
STATE ICONS - 90's metallic hardcore worship & Ralf being great.

With projections by Pines.
It's at The Hanover Community Centre, 33 Southover Street, Brighton, BN2 9UD
They're using one of their 12 alcohol licenses for this show so there will be a bar.
The doors will be at 7PM, first band on about 7:30PM.
It'll be £6, and i'll be dropping of some tickets to Resident Records in Brighton this week if you want to secure your place in the F.U.N.
ALSO, your ticket/stamp will get you into the club night 13 monsters that night for cheap.
We're also putting on an exhibition of screen-prints to co-incide with this show at the Magnum Opus Tattoo shop in Brighton.
More info here - //