Saturday, 18 December 2010

War All The Time/Stab/State Icons etc Alldayer - London - Saturday 18th December

Saturday 18th December @ The Bird's Nest (3 Deptford Church Street, London,  SE8 4RZ)
*** FREE ***
Line Up in no particular order:
War All The Time
Hello Bastards (First UK gig since May!)
State Icons
Cthulhu Youth
First band starts at 5 PM.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Love Triangle/Sceptres/Lowest Form/State Icons - Brighton - Tuesday 7th September

Sex Is Disgusting presents ... #22

The Love Triangle
The Sceptres
The Lowest Form
State Icons

Tuesday 7th September 2010, 8pm, £4. The Greenhouse Effect, 63 Church Road, Brighton.

The Love Triangle
The Love Triangle features members of The Shitty Limits and Fashion playing punk-rock with diverse and immaculate touchstones ranging from soul & R&B through to Electric Eels, The Weirdos, Babeez, The Saints. Following three killer cassettes they are releasing their very first 7" 'Splendid Living' and should have it on this tour!

The Sceptres
The Sceptres, also featuring members of The Shitty Limits, are one of the most considered and vicious punk-rock outfits on our fair isle. Commonly used comparisons are X, The Avengers and Bags (high praise indeed) and whilst The Sceptres are somewhat kindred in sound to these bands it would be a disservice to label them as nothing more than Dangerhouse-worshiping miscreants. Ralph's impeccable guitar playing, a incredibly compelling front-woman in Bryony and a rhythm section consisting of psychic brothers from Planet Punk mean The Sceptres are a cut-above most of their contemporaries and certainly more than slavish devotees to RADICAL PUNK ROCK OUTFITS PAST. New cassette out now!

The Lowest Form
The Lowest Form feature members of The Human Race, Please, La Vida Es En Mus PLC and more playing incendiary hardcore that sits proudly alongside Men's Interest, Sex/Vid and Slices as an example of contemporary hardcore done right. Fuck mystery, fuck artistic noodling so forced that is raises a grimace, this is hard, fast, inventive, forward-looking punk rock. Second show to my knowledge.

State Icons
State Icons are Brighton-based punk influenced by 80's punk & hardcore, 90's metallic hardcore and Darren Bourne. Featuring ex-members of Staathaat, The Plague Sermon and many others, Ralf presides on vocals. A brain full of punk and a belly full of fire. Along with The Lowest Form, Mob Rules, Crowd Control, The Shitty Limits, The Hard Way and more, State Icons prove that hardcore in the United Kingdom is in ruder health than Offset's 'hardcore' (guffaw) tent would suggest.

Bring distro's, prepare to dance on a Tuesday, celebrate the fact that Big Brother will never be on our television screens ever again & invite friends!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Almost the STE Alldayer - Southampton - Sunday 22nd August

Almost The S.T.E. Presents:-

Sunday 22nd August 2010
Punk, Hardcore & beyond All-Dayer for Geraldine's Birthday!

SCEPTRES - X/AVENGERS style punk rock from across the South East - first Southampton gig in over 2 years!


YOU, ME & THE ATOM BOMB - Pompey Melodic punk rock!

HANCOCK - Southampton female fronted punk!

THE GOOD WIFE - Southampton - Nick will tell me what to put here!

No website yet!

CHEMICAL THREAT - Eastleigh/Southampton street punk!

STATE ICONS - Brighton hardcore punk - ex STAATHAAT etc!

EL MORGAN - Pompey acoustic!

The Hobbit, Bevois Valley Road, Southampton

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What Price Wonderland/Twisted/State Icons - Brighton - Wednesday 18th August

What Price, Wonderland? - Raucous, jangly, aggressive, swirling punk, throwing you back those 90's emo records you never wanted to eBay. WPW will appeal to fans of Cap'n Jazz, Mohinder, The Minutemen and Assfactor 4 without really sounding like any of them. Releases on sncl, Ape Must Not Kill Ape, Pure Pain Sugar and Art For Blind to name but a few. They rarely play shows. Don't miss this.

Twisted - That Revolution Summer emo sound that made Facel Vega stand out among the crowd has been sped up and thrown into the mix with choppy garage punk. First two 7"s were amazing. This band are going to change things. Members of Facel Vega / State Run / Spectrals / Wooderswan... Click on the link to hear the new 7". It's really, really good.

STATE ICONS - Brighton's newest Punk Rock Motherfuckers. yes.

Wed 18th Aug
The Prince Albert
Facebook event: … 3461147052 event:

Saturday, 14 August 2010

GRUEL/JOVIAN/STATE ICONS - Brighton - Saturday 14th August 2010

@ The Cowley Club, Brighton
destructive storms and evil winds are they
an evil blast, herald of the baneful storm
an evil blast, forerunner of the baneful storm
they are mighty children, ancient ones
heralds of pestilence
throne bearers
they are the flood that rusheth through the land

bowel shaking, fist pumping, head banging doom riffs culled from the Sabbath/Wino/sleep/electric wizard/goatsnake bloodline put through an apocalyptic stripped down negative filter beloved of Man Is The Bastard/Noothgrush/Grief/MyWarSideTwo.

90s diy metallic hardcore punk worship.

£4 'suggested donation'
members/guests/all welcome