Monday, 28 May 2012

xNOOSEx - STATE ICONS - MOAT - THE HARD WAY - Brighton, Saturday 16th June

Steve O'Brien's Dream presents


Saturday 16th June. Green Door Store, Brighton. 


xNoosex (Chicago, IL)

From the React Records website,

"Noose exists to give hardcore its proper execution. The Militant Vegan Straight Edge. Join or choke. Acquiesce or get the rope."

The demo by this band was raging. Reminded me of the Loud'n'Clear LP a lot but with a lot fuzzier guitar tone (hope that was intentional).

Lyrically, the above quote says it all. Vegan Straight-Edge and they stand by their culture.

Check out the demo here:
Live vid here:
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State Icons (Brighton)

There few hardcore bands in the town at the moment. The best of the bunch for me is State Icons. They have the mid-paced, heaviness down to a tee. Then you've got Ralf up front. The man is a driven by his values and doesn't hold back on the mic. Always makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Tunes here:
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Moat (London)

I'm a 90's Damnation A.D. kind of guy and the stuff that Moat comes out with floats absolutely takes that bleak, discordant riffing vibe and runs with it. If you like Damnation, Deadguy, Botch, Turmoil or anything therabouts, you'll most probably dig this as much as I do.

Tunes be here:


The Hard Way (Brighton)

Dusting off the cobwebs, NYHC-style.

Tunes be here:


plus 15 more bands to confirm from across the US and Europe.

Doors at 8pm and will be finished by 11pm. Should probably cost about £15 each but we're only going to charge you a fiver a head.

No dogs (except Luke Adkins' dogs).